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Beeswax Finish - Food Safe; Fusion Mineral Paint

Beeswax Finish - Food Safe; Fusion Mineral Paint

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Our food safe Beeswax Finish contains only pure natural beeswax and hemp oil. This unique proprietary blend creates the most beautiful wood finish for reclaimed wood, kitchen utensils, cutting boards etc.

Food safe and all natural, our Beeswax Finish provides a soft satin finish that can be buffed to a shine.

Can be used over Fusion Mineral Paint ™ to add a satin finish and reduce the look of scuffs and fingerprints, especially on the darker colours.

Application Tool; Brush, lint free rag
Location; Interior low traffic surfaces
Re-coat Time; As needed - if the wood looks dry, apply more.
Dry Time; 1 - 7 days
Top Coat; None recommended. Wax is always the final coating.
Clean Up; Odourless Solvent
Coverage; 150-300 sq.ft.
Finish/Sheen; Matte to high sheen. Each additional layer and buffing increases the sheen.
Recommended Uses; Food safe surfaces such as cutting boards, reclaimed wood or Milk Painted pieces. May be used on painted surfaces to increase sheen.
Can Be Applied To; Virtually any surface or coating
Can Be Painted Over; No
Cure Time; 30 Days
Maintenance/ Cleaning; Light cleaners, as they will strip away the wax.

Food Safe, No Chemicals & Biodegradable

With 25 years of experience in the paint industry, the manufacturer, Homestead House Paint Company, has refined the best formulation a paint can offer. With excellent adhesion, coverage and durability, at a very competitive price point, you can’t go wrong!  

If you prefer a finish other than matte, depending on the look you love, waxes or a top coat is available. And there is a wide array of Fusion™ finishing products to help you create custom masterpieces, Fusion™ offers the best variety of decorative faux finishing products. Transfer gels to metallic gilding pastes, Fusion™ has it all.

Please use common sense when tackling any painting and/or refinishing projects.

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