Recognition of Earth Day 2023 and How We Protect  Mother Earth.

Recognition of Earth Day 2023 and How We Protect Mother Earth.

Incorporating Earth Day into your repurposed furniture business is a great way to celebrate “today being Earth Day” we highlight your commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Repurposed furniture has a positive impact on sustainability and the environment. We use eco-friendly materials, we do our best to minimizing waste, and reducing our carbon footprint. We are committed to environmental responsibility.


Eg. of someways we reduce waste;


  1. We keep our brushes and rollers in an airtight containers to prevent frequent washing when we are completing a project using the same paint color.
  2. We keep primer in the same container to avoid waste and rewash.
  3. For our local deliveries we wrap our furniture with delivery blankets and reduced the use of bubble wrap and other aids.
  4. We do our best to schedule a pick and delivery simultaneously to reduce our carbon footprint.
  5. Post office deliveries are done in batches to reduce our carbon footprint.


Furniture production has environmental impact it’s important to repurpose and recycling furniture. Let’s share awareness and encourage others to adopt more sustainable practices.


Our ultimate goal is to save antique, vintage and pre-loved furniture from entering landfills. Our customer must feel good about supporting a business that is committed to environmental responsibility :)

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